Gina’s, anyone?

Go to Noodlebox. RIGHT. NOW.


So let’s just pick up right where we left off because it’s been too long since I sat down to write one of these things.

Tuesday evening right? Right.

Just after we both collapsed into a pile of exhaustion and jelly limbs, Sandra came home with Ali. I could tell they had a mischievous plan up their sleeves but frankly I was too tired to even ask.

The plan was a good one; Mexican food for dinner. Only problem with that one was that Spencer and I had no intention of leaving the sofa so we tried to pass on the meal out. However, Sandra was off to have an MRI scan that evening and would be leaving around 10:30pm, so she had a lot of time to kill.

Spencer stayed home, but I decided to go and it was a lovely girly evening for the books. It’s great spending so much time with Spencer but we both need our down time! Neither one of us are used to sharing a room and we’re both private people who enjoy our own company and space. At the moment it just feels like we’re having a massive sleepover, but I don’t want him to get sick of me before we’re halfway through the trip!

Gina’s Mexican Cafe is any colour-loving foodies dream place to eat. The property looks to be a converted house, casually sporting a deep purple exterior. It’s tucked away from the main shopping and eating areas in downtown Nanaimo which furthers it’s already homey feel!

Just approaching the porch door you’re enticed in with the smell of Mexican spices, the quiet but upbeat music, and oodles of colour! To top off the first impressions, the staff at Gina’s are to die for and I really got on board with the whole vibe of the place.

Everything cooked for us was fresh and packed full of flavour. I had the burrito and enchilada combo. I only ate half before asking for takeout 😏

BUT hopping back to waiting for our food to come out, Ali and I had a great time looking out over Nanaimo. We could see all manner of things from our window and ever the nosey pokes, we snooped for whatever action we could find. Sadly, the most drama we saw was a lady dropping her coffee whilst leaving Timmy’s… it was a sad moment for us all and we mourned the loss with her.

This ended up being more of a selfie than an artsy nighttime shot, but if you can look past my hair you’ll see the cute town lights.

I awoke on Wednesday with a sore knee… man I’m getting old. I’ll be 23 this March; Mum, where’s my stairlift? Haha!

Nothing happened on Wednesday. We totally chilled out, both playing our games and rising only for food.

Thursday was ALMOST the same but before we settled into our chosen gaming worlds, we cleared the old wood in the yard. In the end we filled the skip about 3/4 which I think is pretty good for like an hours work?

Today we whacked on our walking shoes once more and completed a 6mile walk through a local woodland. The fog had dissipated as of first thing so other than a few spots of rain here and there we were in luck.

Naturally we dove right into the trees rather than sticking to the trail so I could get my camera up close and personal with the foliage. Apparently we looked suspicious because an passerby assured us that we were ‘all cool’ whilst flashing his joint at us… amusing, as cannabis is now legal here in Canada so nothing to not be cool about!

We chuckled about this for the rest of our journey to Noodlebox, ie Noodle heaven.

I had the Chinese Style Fried Rice. I’m really hoping Noodlebox expands to the UK soon as it was lush. Crunchy veg, juicy beansprouts and soy sauced fried rice… what’s not to love?

We picked up a box for Ali as promised, then waddled home with full bellies. But how could I resist a cute takeout box photo shoot (as pictured at the top of the blog)?

This evening has seen me hanging out with Ali Pally. She’s shown me the wonders of Roblox and I’m kinda addicted to one of the MANY mini games.

As of right now we have zero set plans for the weekend, but I can tell you that I am so damn excited for my best friend to be joining me out here on Monday! Can’t wait to share the details of our mini road trip with you all.

As always, sending all my love hugs and kisses,

CJHufflepuff (my Roblox username as chosen by A)


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