Poutine and Englishman River Falls

Our big family trip out to Sooke was always going to be hard to beat and although we didn’t beat it, we did match it!

A much slower start to the morning was appreciated as the lack of sleep and crazy amounts of walking are tiring me out big time.

My one and only goal for the day was to get some Poutine in me. That carby, cheesy, gravy covered goodness is something I’ve missed dearly for the last two years. Okay, so I kinda felt like I was going to have a heart attack half way through the bowl BUT so worth it. Sandra drove us out to Parksville where we ate at Rod & Gun. Having visited this pub last time, I knew we were in for a treat 🍟 It seemed like the whole Fire Department in Parksville decided this was the place to be too as behind us sat a load of dudes in uniform, chatting about their families and swapping life stories. It was nice to listen to.

After clearing our food we hopped back in the car to Englishman River Falls. I LOVE WATERFALLS! Okay so we didn’t actually see the falls, but we wound through the trees speculating as to what we thought this place would look like… hearing the racing water up head was getting me very excited 😆

And with good reason! As we approached the river I caught sight of a huge suspension bridge that I was itching to get on. However, Sandra is pretty petrified of heights so was understandably super protective of Ali who wanted to follow me wherever my camera pointed. We had to talk Ali round a couple times but I think she understood in the end.

So as I carefully positioned myself in amongst the VERY slippery rocks (yes I was bricking it a couple times!) I got to snap some pretty lovely sights.

I managed to convince everyone (except Sandra) to go a little closer to the river so we could get a different perspective of the whole thing. It’s so important for me to see everything I want and need to, and if it means making myself a little uncomfortable then so be it. I’ve missed out on things before because I’ve been afraid to ask or too scared to go somewhere; well that person is long gone and I’m loving this new ‘go get it’ attitude!

When we got down to the shore on the other side of the river you could really tell just how powerful the current was. It was so loud we had to shout to hear each other. I was happy with some of my shots but still didn’t feel like I had captured the magic of this little haven.

Over the suspension bridge we went. The views over were stunning, although being able to see straight through the floor made us all a little uneasy to say the least. Safely over the bridge, Spencer and I descended to the rocks once more to see it all close up. Now the light on this side did not disappoint. There was something about the way the light filtered through the trees, hitting the water and the wet, mossy rocks that just screamed fairytale. I am in love with Canada and this is why.

We sat on a fallen tree for a short while, taking it all in and listening the the crashing river before heading back to the girls who were patiently waiting for us.

There were talks of a trip to Costco and we all agreed that’d be fun (which was perfect because I finally nabbed a yoga mat 🧘‍♀️), then we made our way back to the car.

Before that though, I caught this lovely moment of a man and his best friend.

10/10 to Englishman River Falls. I hope to see you again soon 💜

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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