Sleepy Bears

Written 11/01/2019


Well, I didn’t sleep too well again which is surprising because I don’t FEEL jet lagged but… obviously I must be. That’s not the only reason I’m a sleepy bear today though 🐻. Our hike yesterday really did take it out of me, and I know Spencer and Shelbey are suffering with sore limbs too.

We’ve just finished a little game of massages before bed, with each one of us having our knotty areas sorted out with a rolling pin. My back and legs were in need of it, and that’s a fact.

The morning was a chilled one as Cousin Ali has been off school sick, so we lounged around watching slideshows of insanely good landscape photography whilst I read my project brief and worked on some of my own photographs.

As well as photography, I’ve really been throwing myself into Yoga practice this last week, so a couple of short sequences were the best medicine for my achey body… although I’m really missing my mat so I’m going to pick one up over the next couple of days; I just don’t think my wrists can hack the hard floor any longer.

I fudging love Thai food. Thai Orchid is a lovely little restaurant on Rutherford Road near the house. We wandered round and I had the most delicious Red Thai Curry I’ve had in ages. It didn’t beat the curries I had the privilege of putting away in Bali, but it was still yummy.

Sandra picked us up when we’d finished chowing down and as the sun had decided to peaked out, we ventured to Piper’s Lagoon. I’ve visited Piper’s before (oh and the pub, check out their Nachos if you get the chance!), but was still blown away by the beauty of it.

Rock climbing, or climbing of any kind, has never really been my thing… but in the last year or so I’ve become a lot more adventurous so did not hesitate in darting off over the rocks to see all there was to see.

I was rewarded with the crystal clear waters lapping on pebble bays, the snow topped mountain range with an eagle flying overhead (no, really), and the sound of stunning birdsong as we wound our way through the trees. No words can really describe the serenity of the lagoon, but trust me when I say that taking an afternoon nap in the trees on the shore would not be hard.

On the way home we popped to the store to grab ingredients for dinner. I’m not a fish eater, I don’t like seafood. As it turns out I actually really love Salmon. Enjoying a Salmon salad for tea is not something I ever envisaged me doing, but it happened!

Tomorrow we’re heading to Sooke to explore French Beach and I’m super excited to see a new town on the island.

I hope everyone back home is doing good, I love and miss you all already.

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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