Rain in Nanaimo b

Nanaimo is pretty wet in January. I mean I know it’s winter but JHEEZ!

Wednesday started with PJ Yoga and a lovely cup of tea. It was forecast to rain all day but we made the decision to venture out anyway as I really want to make the most of the time I have here… and taking a walk to lunch is cheaper than getting a taxi! The rainfall wasn’t too heavy when we left so Spencer and I popped on our waterproofs and headed out.

Was it a mistake? I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️ We planned to walk a trail before making our way to Montana’s but after roughly 15 minutes we were drenched and decided it was best to go straight to the restaurant.

When we arrived I felt more than ready for food. I had The Chipotle Firecracker Burger and yep yep yep 👍 See below for the masterpiece devoured by moi.

We got home and were totally shattered so chilled for the rest of the day.

Today however, we hiked hard. The plan was to go to a cute little Artisan Bakery round the corner but for some reason it was closed. Blessing in disguise really as we went to Tim Horton’s instead. Now if you don’t know, Timmy’s is basically like Costa or Starbucks but… better! I had the best hot chocolate and a breakfast muffin while Spencer opted for an ice cap and a four cheese bagel 🥯

Taking the long way home via Oliver Woods turned into a 4 hour hike around the Linley Valley trail. First we stumbled across a cute dock looking out over a pond filled with beautiful ducks! After stopping there for a bit we went through a lush forest called Randerson Ridge to take some more photos.

We moved onto Linley pond where we saw more ducks, dog walkers and my personal highlight, a humming bird! I am beyond thrilled that I managed to nab a photograph of such a delicate and darty little bird.

Retracing our steps so Shelbey could join us at the park, we then went on a trail hunt.

What we found was a rainforest full of moss covered trees and fast flowing creeks. Vancouver Island suffered some serious storms before my arrival, leaving a number of trees blown over and some completely uprooted. As sad as it is the see the destruction of hurricane force winds, the fallen trees make for interesting subjects when it comes to shooting 📸.

Spying a waterfall set back in the dense forest had Shelbey wondering if we could get to it. Well we were definitely going to find out so disappeared into the trees and up the side of the mountain. Spencer wasn’t quite so excited by our off-roading experience but he got into it after a little while. When we reached the waterfall we knew it was worth the muddy hands and shoes it took to get there.

The water looked so clear and fresh, so I decided it was time to hydrate! Drinking straight from a waterfall has to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Taking out one of Shelbey’s bottles, we filled up and headed back down to the trail.

The walk home felt like it took forever but after trekking 18,986 steps over 8.54 miles, and scaling 470ft in total, we were back. My feet are sore but it was totally worth it, and it’s safe to say I had the best shower of my life.

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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