Running Late / Absurdly Early… Delayed Anyway

‘Welcome to Vancouver! How are you today?’ says the smiley lady guiding me through fast track customs. Honestly? I’m tired, smelly and bloody starving but your infectious happiness is very pleasant and much appreciated. It’s a good job I’ve only got a couple hours left of my journey, right? HAHAHA. My connection flight (totalling 10 minutes air time) is delayed 2 hours, meaning just over 4 hours for my layover after a 9hr30 flight. I’m trying not to be grouchy but… I am a little grouchy.

Getting There

Well, I should’ve gotten up earlier. I need to do some Yoga, finish watching ‘You’ on Netflix and get all my shit together in just over an hour. I am not doing well so far.

UPDATE: I was actually ready super early in the end 👍 After being convinced I’d slept in too late I was ready at about 9 so I had plenty of time to get a good yoga session in AND finish ‘You’.

I made my way over to Grandma’s just before 10 as the ants in my pants were having a party. Is it normal to yawn loads when you’re nervous? A large number of people have seen me with my mouth wide open today because nervous excitement always makes me yawn.

We arrived in record time and after dropping off the bag, went to have a cheese and ham panini from Costa. When our tummies were filled and we’d had a tonne of hugs, I was on my way.

After the standard pat down at security I patiently sat in the lounge until my gate was called. Arriving at the gate to see an absolute butt tonne of people was not ideal, but I am not under any circumstances a keen one for queues so naturally was one of the last people to make a move.

I had a good neighbour for the long and highly uncomfortable flight. She was friendly when we did chat but never forced conversation whilst I was clearly trying to sleep. What a good egg.

The food was naff as anything and I couldn’t eat the chicken as it was very very pink. So far I am not that chuffed with AirCanada at all. I was lucky to be in an aisle seat, not only so I could get up to pee whenever I felt like it (after stressing for about 10 minutes beforehand, of course), but also I wasn’t being persistently dripped on like my neighbour was. We raised the issue with cabin crew a couple of times and were just told to mop it up with tissues. Not overly helpful.

By the time we arrived in Vancouver, nice lady neighbour had a very soggy hair do, and I felt like I was actually becoming one of ‘The IT Crowd’ having watched it the whole way there.

We were herded off the plane into arrivals and I cleared customs in a jiffy. I have to say, I love YVR. It’s easy to navigate, the staff are so helpful and I love the native style art, sculptures and water features dotted around the place.

We got to skip security, YAY. Our small crew of about 12 people hopped on a shuttle bus to the domestic lounge. As previously noted, the plane was delayed by a couple hours so I entertained myself there until we were finally called to board. I boarded last. Literally last.

Including ground travel time I was in that teeny plane for 20 minutes give or take. Leaving Vancouver at night was STUNNING. The city lights were breathtaking, twinkling in perfectly organised blocks; although it was very cloudy so Cousin Spencer tells me I didn’t get the full experience.

Touch down in Nanaimo took me straight onto the snow littered airfield where we walked straight out to collect our bags. No security clearance is ace.

After being greeted by Sandra, Spencer and Ali, I realised just how tired I was. I reminisced about the last time I was in Nanaimo as we drove back to my home for the next 6 weeks. I basically crashed right away after giving Cousin Shelbey a nice big hug too.

Let the adventure begin.

So I’ve finished writing this in bed at 4am. I woke up needing the loo and couldn’t go back to sleep until getting this all wrapped up… so be grateful, mum! 💖

Day 1 & 2 will be wrapped up into 1 post. Keep in mind that is is RAINING ☔️ so we’re having to be creative with our time.

Thank you for being patient.

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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