I wrote this at the start of November and… obviously forgot to publish it. I have been so busy living life and healing that I’ve not been bothered with writing which is naughty and borderline unacceptable. I love writing and although I suck at it, I need to have something to work away on. What I’m trying to say is that I am going to be better.

Anyway, enjoy my recap of a beautiful girly weekend away with Georgie ❤

I booked a little getaway earlier in the year to Wales! About two months ago I found myself with no one to go with so naturally turned to my friends to see if any of them fancied a girly weekend away with oodles of heartwarming food, fresh air, beaches and country walks. Now, I did have one particular friend in mind for this and as expected she jumped at the chance to come with me.

Georgie is the sort of person that would drive across country just to put a smile on your face for an hour… which is what she did! Except an hour turned into 3 days full of laughter and heart to hearts; it was a dream.

I had never been to Wales before and now I want to know why. We were blessed with clear skies which is apparently near on unheard of in Swansea?

We both worked the Friday so set off at about 6:30pm after a scrumptious meal at Prezzo. The drive was… long. We spent a lot of time singing loudly and chatting rubbish to get us through. When we arrived we totally crashed out, but not before taking in how lovely our accommodation was.

I love staying in Airbnbs because I think you really get a feel for a place when you’re not staying in a hotel. This one was thoughtfully decorated and really comfy in a cute cottage way. I fell in love (as I so often do) with the space, particularly the well loved tan leather sofas and the rocking chair. It felt really homey and was just what I needed to feel comforted.

We woke early on Saturday and went straight to the supermarket, we had a shopping lists as long as our arms and we were pretty damn hungry. I’m not sure if this is something that everyone knows… but you really shouldn’t shop when you’re hungry; we bought SO much food.

As soon as we got back the oven was on and the fry up preparation began. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to work the grill (which was embarrassing really as I sell appliances for a living), we managed to throw together what tasted like a gourmet meal, but in reality was sausage, bacon, egg and beans… epic.

After eating our body weight in meat and carbs we popped on our wellies and went to Three Cliffs Bay. This is where we really started to see the beauty of Wales. Parking up next to a cute cafe and taking the walk down to the bay was cold. In fact it was always cold but after an hour walking along the flat sand beach, spying starfish, beautiful shells and of course my one true love, the ocean… we were both a bit warm and ditched the coats.

Originally we had planned to go on to another beach location to see the sunset, but we got well in to watching Gavin & Stacey after deciding we needed a nap; this was a girls trip designed to be healing, after all. Yes, watching Gavin & Stacey in Wales is cliched but holy moly it was hilarious.

A huge aim of our supermarket dash was to get as much alcohol as we could manage as it was Georgie’s mission to get me drunk. Basically, I’m just not a big drinker anymore. I made some bad choices and got myself into some unsavoury situations when I was younger and it’s just put me off.

Alas, we drank, made and ate fajitas, drank, watched Gavin & Stacey, and drank some more. We did not get drunk, we just got really REALLY tired ended up having the best sleep.

The clocks were going back that night and we knew we wanted to see the sunrise so set our alarms for nice and early. It seems we were out smarted by our smartphones and woke up late anyway.

This didn’t set us back much and we attacked the day.  We made trips to a couple of beaches and this time we did get to see the sunset at Rhossili Bay. It wasn’t too busy and we still had about 40 minutes of light so decided to shoot on down to the beach to make the most of it. The hill was steep going down and neither of us was that thrilled by the knowing we had to climb back UP.

Any doubt that we may have had going down was swiftly eradicated when we got on to the sand. I felt like I was on the edge of the world.

With just an endless expanse of beautifully flat sand, the ocean, cliffs and the burning sunset to keep us company… we started running towards the waves.

We are the biggest beach babies I know. I’ve never known a soul love the beach more than I do, but Georgie’s must come pretty close. So with the two of us wrapped up in woolly hats, big jumpers, and coats to shield us from the bitter breeze, we raced towards the calm blue waves. I would say that in that moment I was tasting freedom for the first time in a long time.

Snapping away on our phones in a futile attempt to capture the beauty of the moment and of course dipping our toes in the sea, we really milked the last of the day before heading back up the enormous cliff. It was scaled but we were out of breath and sweaty.

A half prepared roast dinner was waiting for us when we arrived back to our Airbnb, we popped it all in the oven and marvelled at the pumpkins we had carved earlier that day. The pair of us gorged ourselves on chicken and roasties, then any leftovers were popped into rolls for the next day.

We packed our bags whilst watching the last of Gavin & Stacey then headed to bed for the last time in Swansea.

Our plan for the last day was souvenir shopping and we had one more place we wanted to see before making a move. After packing up the car and saying goodbye to the resident sheep outside of our gate, we made our way to Barry Island.

Barry Island was cute. It was out of season so not a lot was going on, but we wondered along to sea front, had some ice cream (a very British thing to do I think. Why do we insist on doing that in the cold?) and pottered in and out of the many seaside shops.

Demolishing our chicken rolls whilst sitting on the beach was the perfect way to round off our girly trip.

Heading home we sang some more, chatted about life, boys, friends and family. You know when you have a friend in your life that just GETS you? And even when the don’t get you, they love you regardless? Well, I’m blessed to have a few of those, and Georgie is definitely one of them.

So much personal healing took place in our little Airbnb, the hills of Gower, and the beaches of Swansea. I will be forever grateful of my wonderful friend for being there with me and emotionally carrying me through each day with laughter, naps, fresh air and of course, huge meals.

It’s all love and I love Wales.

Well there you have it… an update on something I did a whole 3 months ago, haha! It’s important for me to keep writing so thanks to anyone who reads my utter nonsense, especially when it’s so delayed.

The link to were we stayed is: here.

In terms of what’s to come… last month I saw a hero of mine in concert so I’m hoping to write a few words about that before the details slip away; I also have a bit of family story time for you, so there is plenty for us to catch up on.

I’ll wrap up the tales of this year before I jet off to Canada 08/01/19, and I want to outline a few things I’m excited about for the new year too, so keep posted and if I’m getting boring, or you want to see more photos (something I’ll be phasing in more of anyway) email me at courtneybanksphotography@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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