On The Way To Balian Beach

Note: I wrote this the morning we left Bali but I’ve not had WiFi for long enough to upload. I’m not going to go back and edit because I want it to read as I felt at the time of writing, I like to be authentic 😊

We’ve just woken up in Bali for the last time. I am sad about it but I still have so much to tell you. I will try and finish the last few posts on our 30 hour trip back to London… but really I’m hoping I’ll sleep right through the flights.

Okay so, I had the worst sleep in Tulamben. I kept waking up every hour feeling hot then cold then hot again, I was drenched in sweat and had a banging headache. Don’t get sunstroke, kids 👍 I was sensible the whole time I was out of the water but it just didn’t occur to me that I could still be harmed in the sea, I mean it didn’t even cross my mind because if I had thought about it then I would’ve done something; I was just too excited about the snorkelling!

It meant our day was a challenging one because I was beyond tired and feeling very weak. We sat out on the deck in the morning just watching the birds until I felt well enough for the walk down to breakfast. Breakfast did not help, stodgy as hell banana pancakes were not a good idea. Bryan didn’t like them either, so I was pleased that I hadn’t just ruined my appetite.

After we finished gathering our bits and pieces we set off on the road. The initial plan had been to make two stops on the way to Balian Beach, but when we got to the first stop (a temple with a sky high view of the glorious amount Agung, which we didn’t get to see), we realised that we hadn’t properly researched what it takes to get to this temple… a two hour trek each way. No way was I able to do that, and I think Bryan was a bit concerned about his knee as well. So we had a wee (Bryan, please don’t forget how funny that was. I laughed so much) and made a start to Blue Lagoon, a snorkelling town along the South East coast of Bali. We got there and tried to find somewhere to eat as breakfast had not really satisfied us, we also were both busting for the loo again??? We had these weird Vietnamese Spring Rolls that I HATED. They were raw and slime like, not good. Everything was saved by the first non local foods to have passed our lips. I chose the gourmet beef burger and young David, as my Grandad Spence likes to call him, had the chicken burrito.

Demolished. I felt a bit sick afterwards, but ultimately I felt better. We wandered across the beach and could tell we wouldn’t be snorkelling. The beach and sea was littered with so much plastic I can’t see how anyone would want to swim there. There were boats taking people out on snorkelling trips which were probably lovely, but I just wasn’t up for it and they weren’t the cheapest trips for me to just go along for the ride. I also would’ve been very envious if David was allowed to snorkelling and I couldn’t. We decided to carry on with our journey and headed straight to the super market Tiara Gatzu, where we had arranged to meet the guy who would pick up our car and then take us to our new accommodation.

We arrived about 2:30-3pm. We did shopping, twice. Did anything we could to pass the time whilst feeling pretty awful in the blistering heat. It was so hot and humid, I was not coping well. The supermarket also wreaked of poop. We waited until about 5:45pm when the guy finally arrived. The thing is, Bali is so unpredictable when it comes to traffic that we couldn’t blame him. He was really kind and apologetic so we didn’t complain.

The next hour and a half-ish in the car was brutal. I was so tired and despite the snacks and Bryan keeping me occupied, I just couldn’t stay awake for long. I was falling asleep in uncomfortable positions that only made me feel worse.

(Hi! Just so as you know, despite all these hiccups we were still having a fab time seeing the sights and singing to Jack Johnson in the car)

Our new place was very hidden away. When we got close the driver, Dedy, had to stop and ask for directions. Both of our phone batteries were flat after sitting in a car park for so long, so we couldn’t contact the host for help.

With the help of the local shop owners, Dedy got us to Pondok Matekap safely. What a champ! We couldn’t really see much when we arrived, other than a pack of barking dogs, until our host came out to greet us.

Spencer is a great guy from West Wellow, of all places. He’s built a number of properties in Bali since moving here 12 years ago. Now I don’t know what his other places look like, but this one is perfect.

We were led through some low hanging trees and bushes (which always makes me nervous because there are often spiders in those things) in to a lovely little rock garden. I noted that it was pretty and then saw the house. It’s a dream, it’s exactly as I would like my house to be one day (similar setting as well please!).

All made from locally sourced and environmentally conscious materials, it was an open plan beauty. Full of wooden seating areas, a couple of light blue ceramic tables and a hammock! We excitedly looked around whilst Spencer excused himself to go and watch the cricket… he would be back in 20 minutes! We wandered around the house in awe for a bit then ventured out into the garden. It was hard to see much in the dark and our small torch didn’t offer much relief from the night. We saw enough to know we loved it.

Spencer came back and ran us through the safety features and quirks of the place. He offered a bit of information about himself and the goal of the house. He is great guy to listen to, really intelligent and passionate about whatever he is talking about. He reminds me a lot of Mr Keith Bryan.

We said goodnight and settled in our room, and for the first time in our trip we were staying in one place long enough to unpack! Both of us were pretty excited about this by the way, we found clothes we had completely forgotten about and the joy of not having to rummage around in dirties to find something clean to wear was a welcome novelty.

Then it was time for the spider check before bed. We found 3. One of them was right by my fudging head and I was not impressed. But I didn’t scream or run or cry, just called Bryan over to sort him out. We struggled to find a glass big enough to capture him. The other 2 were not so big (still too big to be okay with).

They were caught and released into the wild (that’s right, I no longer insist on the murder of those 8 legged things). We both slept wonderfully, content with where we were and what we’d seen… it was time for us to relax.

3 thoughts on “On The Way To Balian Beach

    1. Oh, I’m not sure. Let me check with David…. (currently shouting at David)… Okay, it took us 4 or 5 hours from Kubu to Tiara Gatzu then we waited for our driver to arrive for 2 hours… and THEN it took us a further 2-3 hours to get to Balian Beach. WOAH, that’s a lot of travelling. x


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