The Cosy Coconut Treehouse & Villa Palm Kuning

Our second stay was The Cosy Coconut Treehouse which is essentially a bamboo treehouse in the middle of rice paddies and a bunch of fruit trees. Now I know that sounds like a dream, but we didn’t really realise/ think about the S word…spiders.

Those of you who know me will be aware that bugs do not bother me, but I cannot deal with spiders of any kind or size as they totally petrify me. Of course I’ve seen spiders at the side of the road and in the first property etc, but you want to know that when you’re off to sleep you won’t be crawled on, and this place did not provide me with that comfort.

Not only were there a lot of spiders, but there were leech like things in the bottom of the shower and even Bryan didn’t like that. He suggested we try and find somewhere else to stay for the remaining 2 nights we had booked at the treehouse and I was so relieved. We found a place that looked pretty cool and went for it…but we had to make it through the rest of that night. I managed 3 hours sleep and was up from around 4:30am. This means I had the privilege of listening to morning prayer, which to be fair I probably wouldn’t have missed anyway as it always so loud where ever you go, but it is brilliant to listen to.

When the sun came up we wandered across the rice paddy to the kitchen where Gede’s wife, Made, was preparing us a breakfast of fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. The eggs were divine! Made was so sweet and offered to take us to the coffee plantation, but by this point we had decided we would be leaving and had made plans to visit another temple in the south and have lunch at the semi famous restaurant, Strawberry Fields, in Kuta.

We packed our bags, took some pictures and made our way south. Long story short we didn’t get to see the temple, but we did get to eat at Strawberry Fields which was worth the 2 hour drive. I had the Royale W/Cheese burger which came with a small ball of mac and cheese on top. I smashed it all. Bryan had Oporto… something, which was also a burger that was swiftly destroyed. We had fully loaded fries with maple bacon, cheese and chorizo which we barley made a dent in. The interior of the restaurant is ace so I’ll be popping a few pictures up soon.

The drive back was slightly less painful but still pretty manic, and very long. When we arrived at the new place we were not quite sure what to do as we were told to wait at a restaurant called Bayu’s Kitchen, for the ‘room boy’. Eddy is lovely, he took our luggage on his bike and led us to Villa Palm Kuning.

To say I am in love with the Villa would be a bit of an understatement; it is my personal heaven. The rooms are spacious and thoughtfully decorated, the bathrooms (now less a spider) are huge with walk-in showers and beautiful mirrors. There is an open kitchen and dining area that leads out to a tropical garden… the garden surrounds a stunning teal tiled swimming pool.

I never want to leave.

Bryan is still feeling a bit nauseous now and again but he joined me for a quick dip this afternoon. As he’s not really got much of an appetite (I know, who’d have thought that would ever be the case), we didn’t go out for dinner. We attempted to order in but didn’t have much luck, instead Bryan brought back an authentic Balinese chicken curry from a local warung which I ate in bed whilst writing the majority of this post, actually.

Tomorrow will probably be a lounging day because I keep pestering the poorly one to actually rest. We’ll be relaxing first thing then taking a short walk to the pharmacy to source some anti-sickness meds. If they can’t give us anything he’ll be on a strict rest regime until further notice.

We are still loving Bali and cannot wait to explore some more of Ubud (pronounced ‘oo-boo-d’.

Lots of love,

Courtney xo

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