To Speak With The Ocean Gods

Leaving Suparna’s beautiful homestay was sad but we were excited to get on to the next part of our adventure as Canggu was great to experience but very touristy.

Day 2 saw us venture to the south of Bali starting at a temple that I don’t know the name of – waiting for Bryan to wake up so I can give you a name. This is said to be the place to go to speak with the Ocean Gods… and I can definitely see why! The temple itself does not seem to be a working temple, however the glimpses you get whilst walking a tiny dirt track to the ocean view are truly beautiful, consisting of ornate statues and shrines dusted with delicate pink and white flowers.

When you reach the end of the track the world opens. In that moment I felt I had never seen any ocean quite like it. The power of the waves dancing around the rocks was astounding to witness; the waves seemed to create portals into other dimensions with their whirlpools and sprays.

Noticing 3 Balinese fishermen standing out on the rocks, sometimes waist deep in the water, I couldn’t help thinking about how strong they must be. They didn’t seem to struggle to keep their footing or sway as the tide surged around their legs, they were rooted until they decided on a new fishing spot.

We enjoyed the view and marvelled at the fishermen for awhile before climbing down to the beach ourselves.

After exploring rock pools we made our way back to the car to try and find our way back to a place where the roads made a bit more sense. We had such an ordeal trying to find the place to start with, but getting back was manageable. All fun and games that did not stop there. Navigating Bali with limited WiFi for Google Maps is very amusing.

Next stop was Padang Padang beach. You have to pay to get down there but when you do you’re greeted by crystal blue waters and… monkeys!

I swam alot, sunbathed alot and managed to get sunburn (I am pale, factor 30 is not enough here).

Padang Padang has been my favourite beach so far, it was busy but quiet and totally chilled out. The warungs had GREAT food, we had chicken skewers with sticky rice and soy sauce.

Bryan napped some more then we headed to temple number 2, the last stop of the day before our new accommodation. We had a fresh coconut to drink when we arrived, cut right in front of us. It was so refreshing although very sweet. I tried some of the flesh like I’d seen so many others do and to be honest I think they must just do it for the sake of looking cool. Coconut meat tastes like egg white if anything at all.

The temple was wonderful. We dressed in purple sarongs with bright orange waist ties, wandering the temple full of beauitful statues, places of worship and more monkeys. I’ll be posting photos of the ocean view shortly, there aren’t any words to describe the beauty so I won’t bother trying.

After finishing up at the temple we started our long drive to The Cosy Coconut Treehouse. We really struggled to find it as it was pitch black by the time we arrived and it’s essentially in the middle of a rice paddy.

Whilst the place is beautiful, it’s thrown some pretty challenging moments our way, particularly my way, which means we will be leaving the treehouse 2 days early… but I’ll tell you more about that later.

I’ve been writing this for about 2 hours and it’s nearly 7am so I’m going to attempt some sleep before the day begins. Please keep this in mind and excuse any typos as they will be rectified later on 🙂

Lots of love,

Courtney xo

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