Getting There

After travelling for what seems like a lifetime we are finally here in Bali.

The flights themselves were not bad at all. Flight number 1 was pretty swift, although we were delayed an hour or so. I watched ‘I, Tonya’ and Bryan says he ‘watched a lot of forgettable films’.

I’d had an email earlier on in the flight (on board WiFi, ooo err) letting me know that our Dubai to Denpasar seats had been upgraded to Business Class which was insane.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that this happened because we left Dubai before our luggage did. Yep, got to Bali after an 8 hour flight filled with champagne, three course meals and reclining bed seat things (awesome), to find we had no bag. Although, I think the panic of hearing your named called out across the airport of a completely new country is actually worse than losing your bag.

I filled out some forms and on we went. We were fleeced by the taxi company on the way to our accommodation, but by this point we just could not be arsed for anything other than sleeping; we were not in the mood to haggle.

We almost went straight to bed after a quick mozzy spray, and no bags means no shower sooo… SMELLY. The accommodation is beautiful and the staff are so so kind.

Our breakfast consisted of fresh fruit and pastries. I ate them all. Bryan has a bug so I ate his too 🙂

Despite having a poorly pumpkin for company we went to collect our baggage and pick up our car for the week. We had a whole fuss with getting the bag back so I won’t bore you, but we do now have that and a small white car.

Bryan is ace at driving. Fact. There is this frightening organised chaos whereby lanes aren’t really a thing and people don’t know where their indicators are; not to mention the bikes which have zero rules when it comes to where they can or can’t go. I’m also yet to see a recommended speed limit.

After collecting the car and getting a real taste for the roads, we made a dash for the beach. The tide is so strong that I, the self-proclaimed water baby, was knocked to my feet repeatedly and had to be saved. It was awesome.

We sunbathed, swam and sunbathed some more. Bryan attempted to haggle – hilarious.

Bu Mi was our warung of choice (warung is an Indonesian food place), it was beautiful and so cheap. I believe both of our meals plus 2 cans set us back £2.50.

We wandered back down to the beach and listened to some questionable live music. Stopping in a cute but expensive looking bar/restaurant on the way back we found a bed. The bed was swiftly claimed and I tried my first Daiquri.


Bryan is already asleep next to me and I’ll be along shortly. The adventure really begins tomorrow.

I’ll post the photos first chance I get, promise.



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